OPENING HOURS: Monday - Friday 7AM to 1PM | Saturday 8AM - 1PM. Call us: +1 441 296 5241

Make yourself at home

Rock Island is the perfect place for your next meeting or get-together.

Enjoy our garden

Flowers and herbs line our back patio. Come enjoy the sunshine!

Free Wi-Fi

Stay connected and charged up with our free wi-fi and electrical outlets.

Brewing Bermuda's best,
for 29 years

Rock Island Coffee was started in 1995 by Susannah Frith and Mark Kaufman. Located in an old machine shop next to the original Miles Market, it drew a loyal following. The next year it was relocated to Reid Street and operated out of one room in the current building.

In 1998, Lisabet Outerbridge bought Rock Island and slowly expanded to the adjacent rooms - formerly a clothing shop, CD store, law office, and downstairs the Knit Shop. Lisabet and her husband John Edmunds gradually fixed up the premises and created the cozy space and garden that is Rock Island today.

Rock Island's walls are always decorated with fresh and interesting artwork by local artists. If you are interested in showing your own work, please contact us for more information.

The Coffee

All of our beans are roasted downstairs in the roast shack.
Reid Street is frequently perfumed with our fragrant, toasted Arabica.

The best beans

We import the finest raw coffee beans from all around the world.


Roasting regularly.

Great coffee

Let our friendly, skilled baristas create your perfect drink!

The Beans

We source our beans from all over the world.
Our range includes organic and fairtrade certified beans where possible.

Costa Rica
Ethiopia (Decaf. Available)
Sumatra (Decaf. Available)

The Bakery

We offer a delectable range of baked goods including cookies, muffins,
scones, croissants, cakes, breads, date bars, macaroons and more!


We can provide any quantity of baked goods and even do gift-wrapping!


Our in-house baker Bryce creates all of our delicious baked goods.


We bake a range of dairy-free breads for our intolerant friends.